Harmonizers - Cylinders - natural unpolished



Harmonizers are stone shapes of different composition that are used together in a tradition going back to the ancient Egyptians.  This set comprises two traditional cylinders, one unpolished shungite, the other unpolished soapstone, and both measuring 10 cm long, 3 cm diameter.

Harmonizers work on the principle of a 'difference in potential' between the two stones which is believed to create a subtle energy current flowing between the two.  The shungite should be held in your left hand (yin, lunar) and the soapstone in your right hand (yang, solar).  

PERFECT FOR USE WHEN MEDITATING. Shungite stimulates the lower part of the body (and is associated with the Root Chakra).  Soapstone vibrates with the upper part of the energetic body.


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